Pet Smart Simply Nourish Pet Food Coupons

Pet Smart Simply Nourish Pet Food Coupons

UPDATE: Go here to get these coupons for Free!

Get on down to Pet Smart and pick up the Simply Nourish coupons available at the check out (or at least it was at our checkout).

There are four coupons available:

$5.00 off any size Simply Nourish Dry Dog Food
$1.00 off any two (2) Simply Nourish 10 oz Cans Dog Food
$5.00 off any size Simply Nourish Dry Cat Food
$1.00 off any two (2) Simply Nourish 10 oz Cans Cat Food

Additionally, there are savings to be had at the site. You can get two free cans when you buy Simply Nourish Dry Dog Food.

The Simply Nourish is on sale for $9.99 per bag when you use your PetSmart Card. Get a PetSmart Card!!! It saves you a TON on pet supplies and food.

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16 Responses to Pet Smart Simply Nourish Pet Food Coupons

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  2. PATRICIA ORR says:



    • greenleaf says:


      We only had four coupons. We used two and have sent out the other two we had. If you want, I recommend going to PetSmart and asking them about the coupons. At our Petsmart, they were located at the end of the checkout lane sitting in a stack.

      I hope that helps. Our Blue Healer LOVES this food, especially the wet food!

      Green Leaf

  3. Theresa McKinley says:

    our cats love the dry turkey cat food and the wet food “soup” in the can

  4. Ellen says:

    My finicky long hair chihuahua never eats dog food, until I found your product Chicken & fish stew, simply nourish. He gobbled it up and I was shocked. Good stuff..need some coupons please…Tampa, Fl

    • greenleaf says:

      We actually just started feeding it to our two pooches and the LOVE the Chicken & Fish. They are hooked! We are so happy we found this food and the bite sized morsels also make it easier for them to eat. It really is great stuff!

  5. mary jakubiak says:

    tried to get the mentioned $5 coupon for Simply Nourish cat food at local Petsmart and they profess not to have it, can’t find it on their website either nor print it from Greenleaf. Can you help????

    • greenleaf says:

      Simply Nourish coupons were at the end of the checkout lane at our Flowood Petsmart. I am going to scan the coupon sheet for you to see so that you can ID it when you go in. They may be out, unfortunately, some times “extreme couponers” will take what they don’t need and leave nothing for just regular ol’ couponers like us.

      If that is the case, let us know, send us an email to greenleafcoupons(at)gmail(dot)com, send us your address and we will send a coupon to you, I think we have two left. We took four, we have two large dogs and they eat like horses. We have plenty of food for now, and we are always willing to help out!

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  9. Carla LaCombe says:

    My prinyer is down right now can you please mail me some coupons for this dog food my dog loves it and is doing so much better now that he is on it he is going on 11 and acts like a pup again please thank you

  10. Jan Smith says:

    Cant get your online coupons would like
    dry and canned coupons
    Please put me on mailing list

  11. Mary Lynn Frambes says:

    How can i get a free sample bag of the simply nourish sweet potato bag of dry cat food. My cat is finicky and if i can get a sample bag to try it on her even if i have to pay a little for it its ok. I don’t want to buy a bag if she don’t like it.

  12. faye cowan says:

    please e-mail me coupon for dog food

  13. SUSAN PHILLIPS says:

    can you please connect me or send me coupons,my little ones love your food.i also buy at petsmart.thank you