Lowe’s Clearance Center Deals | Flowood, MS


We have  a local Lowe’s up in the Dogwood Festival Market and we love it for the convenience, especially since the old hardware store over at the Reservoir shut down.

There are several great ways to save at Lowe’s that we have found and you should consider them especially for outdoor materials, flowers, sand, stone, and grass needs.

Lowe’s Tip

Look for the “reclaimed” bags in the topsoil, sand, stone area. These bags are typically ripped and they rebag them in “reclaim bags”. The exciting part? They are 50% off the regular price. Now, you want to make sure that there is still groundcover material still in the bags, or enough to make it worth the purchase.

We did this and sanded our entire backyard for less than twenty dollars.

Another good tip is their Clearance Center which is featured here in this article. Take a look at their clearance section before you rush out and replace ANY appliance. The nice thing about Lowes is you can purchase it online and pick it up in store. Talk about convenience and you know your product will be there when you need it!

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