Deal Chicken Hatches in Jackson, MS

Well it appears that the late-comer to the “Groupon-style” online coupons, Deal Chicken, has launched in Jackson, MS.

They require sign-up with your email. We did today.

Their first offer is:

Save 50% on Frozen Treats at Bop’s Frozen Custard in Flowood and Richland ($10 value) $10 value for $5!


  • It is a local Jackson, MS Metro deal, but it is only Flowood & Richland. So it is limited in Geography.
  • As of our access to the site, they had 73 offers purchased so, the deal has “hatched” or the deal is valid upon purchase.
  • It looks exactly the same as Goupon except it is localized and given the Jackson market, we expect them to be more relevant than Groupon, versus Living Social they appear identical against local offers.

It will be interesting to see how retailers respond to this traffic generating program. Not sure if Bob’s is a current advertiser with Gannet and the Clarion Ledger, but if this is an add-on Gannet can bring to the table as an added value for their current merchants, this could be a valuable program.

Clearly it is a traffic generating program. The discount is steep. Having experience in the restaurant industry, this is a margin killer. Don’t know if there is a top end limit of offers purchased. We will watch.

Customer issues I have heard and seen is that some will purchase numerous certificates and then are bound to eating there. Word of advice, if you do purchase, make sure that you purchase within your ability to take advantage of the deals.

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